STUDIO PEDESTAL VSP-F (max load 30kg)

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Designed for use with all types of video cameras or teleprompters (for example, VSS-15/17/19) for work in any studios.

It is compact, simple and convenient construction with useful loading up to 30 kg. The basic column of changeable height is placed on the dolly with three double rubber wheels with ability to adjust the horizon by threaded screw at the end of each leg or or  with three rubber wheels with brakes.

VSP-F (fixed) allows to direct the camera or the prompter on object by rotating round a vertical axis. There is no possibility to make panorama.


Min height: 109 cm
Max height: 150 cm
Step of height changing: 4 cm
Max loading weight: 30 kg
Weight (netto): 20 kg
Weight (brutto): 32 kg
Materials: steel, aluminum

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